My BMW App


The direct connection from your vehicle to your world.


Your world. My BMW.

Download the new My BMW App for effortless connectivity between your BMW and a compatible smartphone. New, convenient features and a smarter interface seamlessly integrates your BMW into your digital life.

Access from anywhere.

Stay updated.
Prepare for every adventure with an overview of your BMW's range, current mileage, window and door status, and more.

Locate anywhere.
Keep track of where your BMW is located on the map or monitor your car's surroundings with Remote 3D view.

Complete control.
Manage your BMW from anywhere with your phone by starting your engine, locking and unlocking the doors, and more.

Instant support.
Receive maintenance alerts, schedule a service appointment with your preferred dealer, or start Remote Software Upgrades with just one tap.

Stay on track.

The new My BMW App transforms every drive into an adventure. With the latest navigation features and map services, you can explore old or new destinations with complete ease and convenience.

Experience everything.
Discover restaurants, sights, or nearby gas stations in every neighborhood. Locate points of interest (POIs) from the app to explore when you drive, or save them for later.

Spot parking quickly.
The search for parking ends here. This BMW app uses intelligent technology to help you find the closest vacant space or parking lot, so you'll never miss a good spot again.*

Sync your maps.
Get a head start by sending destinations to your BMW's navigation system. Start navigating with real-time traffic updates immediately, or store the address for a later trip.

*This service is only available in select cities.

Take charge of every drive. 

With advanced features specifically designed for your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, you can check your current battery charge and available range, and even set a route to compatible charging stations within your range. Schedule charging times and preconditioning for additional convenience and enhanced comfort.  

Availability of features may differ by model.

Manage your account.

Make payments.
Pay your monthly BMW Financial Services lease or loan account balance directly through the My BMW App.

Get notifications.
Receive regular payment reminders and confirmations to your mobile device for extra peace of mind.

Access statements.
View your past statements and access your recent account history from your BMW Financial Services profile.

View payoff quotes.
Obtain payoff information, see additional instructions, and download documents right from the My BMW App.

Availability of features may differ by model.

Connect your world.


Connect your BMW to your world through the new My BMW App.


Improve Your Luxury Car Ownership Experience with the My BMW App

There are many different aspects that make owning and driving a BMW model so enjoyable, from the sleek looks to the flawless engineering. The brand continues to improve all parts of BMW ownership, and the My BMW app is a perfect example. This free smartphone app is the perfect companion for your luxury car in Seaside, and the team at BMW of Monterey loves to highlight all the capabilities and functions of this app for BMW owners.

What the My BMW App Offers Santa Cruz Drivers

The My BMW app is available for free from both the Apple and Android app stores, and it provides many wonderful functions that help with various aspects of your BMW ownership.

Check in on Your Vehicle

Do you ever worry that you forgot to lock your vehicle or that you left a window cracked when it's about to rain? The My BMW app lets you remotely check in on your vehicle so that you don't have to stress about whether it's locked or the windows are down. You can also start the engine, check your fuel levels, and remember where you parked from your phone.

BMW Service and Financial Help

This app for your BMW model makes all parts of ownership more convenient. It provides maintenance reminders and lets you easily schedule a service appointment with our BMW service center near Salinas, and you can remotely update software in your vehicle through it. This app is also a financial tool that lets you make payments and check your current payoff amount.

Navigation Features

The My BMW app also has state-of-the-art navigation services that aid drivers in many different situations. You can plan your route on your phone and send it to your BMW model for a simpler start to your trip. Drivers can also use the navigation features to find restaurants, sights, or even an open parking spot.

Contact Our Team for More Details on My BMW App Functions

The My BMW app is an ideal companion for a better car ownership experience, and there are other ways that it can help you, such as aiding those with a BMW EV near Watsonville. Contact our dealership for more details about this app and connecting it to your vehicle.