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Lots of drivers around Monterey find that sedans and smaller cars aren't always capable of helping them with their active lifestyle, which is why many of those drivers turn to the lineup of BMW Sport Activity Vehicles (SAVs) that are at our dealership. Combining the performance you expect from models rocking a BMW badge with roomy cabins and a sense of adventure, the six unique SAVs are each capable of helping drivers with all sorts of tasks, but which is the right one for your needs? Read on to find out!

The first thing for car shoppers around Santa Cruz to recognize is that odd-numbered models, so the X1, X3, and X5, are more similar in size and design to SUVs while the even-numbered ones, the X2, X4, and X6, use a sleeker sloped rear and fall in the Sports Activity Coupe class. Either way, Salinas drivers will find thrills, sophisticated features, and the finest materials, so check out our description of each model below!

  • BMW X1- One of the most versatile options, the X1 has the space, powertrains, and technology to make sure you enjoy the trip as much as the destination itself, and it has the comfort and safety features to take the stress out of any drive.
  • BMW X2- This recent addition to the lineup uses the same platform as the X1, but it rides lower and is shorter than that model, which makes it feel a bit sportier. Inside, you'll find the cabins are similar in the features they offer, but the X2 has a little less space.
  • BMW X3- Larger and more powerful than the X1, the BMW X3 SAV is even more prepared for adventures with 8 inches of ground clearance, a 355-horsepower six-cylinder engine, and nearly 63 cubic feet of max cargo room.
  • BMW X4- Again, the X4 is smaller yet sportier than the X3 that it shares its platform with as it races from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, and, inside, Watsonville drivers will find standard Sport seats with available ventilation, a large in-dash display, and more to help you find excitement.
  • BMW X5- The original SAV, the X5 is the largest of the bunch, and it offers features, like massaging seats, fit for royalty. Plus, it offers a legendary M Performance model that comes with a V8 engine and other engineering aspects that make it one of the best drives on the road.
  • BMW X6- The X6 also offers an M Performance model that will excite any that get behind the wheel, but even the standard X6 models have the design and driving dynamics that truly make it an Ultimate Driving Machine.

Compare These SAVs for Yourself at BMW of Monterey Today!

While we got the gist of what makes each of these offers unique, we understand if you want to do more research on them, and our dealership in Seaside is the place to do just that! We have a wide selection of new BMW SAVs as well as a few used SAVs, so look through those inventories before coming down!

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